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Breakfast of Champions: Pocono Cream of Buckwheat (Product Review)

Pocono Cream of BuckwheatOf the three meals we eat everyday, the one that I've had the most problem with is breakfast. Ever since I made a choice to eat healthily, breakfast became a rather difficult period of the day. When you come from a family that loves its bacon and eggs, or its spam and mayo sandwiches, learning how to eat healthy breakfasts is not only hard, it's depressing. Especially when you go on family trips and you see everyone eating the way you want to eat.

During my first few months of healthy eating, it took me a lot of willpower to stick to healthy breakfasts. Not only did I miss my old breakfasts, but I'd never been a fan of oatmeal, which is what many people recommended I eat. I also never really liked eating cereal, real cereal anyway. I never had a problem with the sugary stuff. So I settled on having a slice of whole wheat bread with jam and some fruit was a good alternative for a while, but I soon realized that it didn't tide me over well enough till lunch time, and I'd end up snacking on something unhealthy in between!

Just when I was ready to give up and go back to eating the way I used to eat breakfast and make up for it by eating healthily during the day, a friend of mine told me about Pocono's Cream of Buckwheatproduct. At first, I was very reluctant to try it. After all, I didn't like oatmeal, and this stuff pretty much looked like oatmeal. Plus, when they told me it was healthier than oatmeal, I was sure it would taste worse.

Since my friend had given me a box of the stuff, I decided it wouldn't hurt to check it out. As it turns out, cream of buckwheat is 100% organic. It doesn't contain any lactose, dairy, gluten, corn, sodium, fat, and wheat! (I thought it was funny that it had absolutely no wheat since it's called buckwheat. After some research, I found out it is a grass.) Also composed of organic cereal, it's rich in Vitamin C, as well as Vitamin A, iron, and calcium.

Following the directions on the box, I had my first cream of buckwheat breakfast about eight months ago. I LOVED it. I have barely had a different breakfast since! This stuff is really good! Not like oatmeal at all and it has great texture too! The basic recipe calls for water or milk, but you can always add a few other ingredients to change things up. Some people add maple syrup, others add cinnamon, others add butter. Personally, I like adding a bit of vanilla, a few chocolate chips, or some dried fruit. The possibilities are endless, and that's probably what I love most about this breakfast food! What's more, you can make it in the microwave! Using a low setting, you can use your microwave to cook it up, interrupting the process now and then to stir the bowl. This is great because that means that no matter where I travel, I can make sure I'm having a healthy breakfast!

Apart from the fact that it tastes good, cream of buckwheat is also really good for you. It's an excellent breakfast for those with digestive problems because it's easy to digest. Because of that, it also makes great baby food. Also, I read in a review that it makes a great substitute for grits. So southern folk that want healthy alternatives to this classic dish should definitely look into it! Finally, there are some great recipes online that teach you how to turn this into a dessert! Talk about versatility!

In my eight months of eating cream of buckwheat, I've learned to make it in so many different ways that it's really jazzed up my breakfasts. On a recent family trip, some of my family members chose to eat it as well simply because it looked so good! I've also learned that buying my supply online comes out much cheaper than buying it in a health food store. Since this stuff lasts a while, I have no problems buying a couple of months worth of the stuff.

Anyone seeking a gluten-free healthy breakfast that can be transformed in a hundred different ways should definitely consider Pocono's Cream of Buckwheat.


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